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Maile Wilson Edwards

Maile was born and raised in Cedar City Utah. Her family roots in the community date back almost 90 years. Her deep appreciation for the Cedar City community and its citizens inspired her to public service. Trained in law, budgeting and public administration, she is proud to use these skills on behalf of the residents and businesses as Cedar City mayor.
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As the son of a small dairy farmer, a graduate of SUU in business and finance, and a retired chief financial officer for State Bank of Southern Utah, I understand the importance of a fiscally sound organization. The City must be watchful of spending to assure it benefits residents, and cautious of regulations that place undue burdens on small businesses that are the lifeblood of our City. As a former State Legislator, I have seen Maile fight for the interests of Cedar City and ensure that the City had a voice on Capitol Hill. From testifying in legislative committee meetings to working with state leadership, she has always focused on bringing attention and funding to our City. I know that Maile is the best person for addressing citywide infrastructure, planning for future needs, and pursuing all available avenues for funding in order to complete projects critical to Cedar City’s current and future quality of life. I trust Maile to provide balanced city budgets that will support a stable local economy and provide a quality of life for our children, families and retirees. Please join me in supporting strong fiscal management, by voting for Maile Wilson Edwards in November.
John R. Westwood
Retired Banker
I grew up in Cedar City. As a wife, mother, accountant, and business professor, I understand the importance of good financial management. Our public officials must be problem solvers, who understand budgeting, and can look for ways to provide services and solve problems in the most fiscally responsible way. As leaders they must be good listeners and communicators so they can work with business owners and CEOs of major companies to encourage economic development and bring high paying jobs to the area. Public funds and the public’s business must be properly and ethically managed, and transparent, and I trust Maile Wilson Edwards to do this as Mayor. Please join me in supporting Maile Wilson Edwards for Mayor of Cedar City.
Mary Pearson
Dean of the Business School, SUU
Maile will continue to do a great job as Mayor, and do great things for Cedar City.
Dean Bulloch
Business Owner
I am honored to endorse Maile Wilson Edwards for Cedar City Mayor with great enthusiasm and gratitude. She is a bridge builder, a problem solver, and a truly selfless public servant that has worked tirelessly for our community for the past eight years. We would be lucky to have her for four more. Speaking as a parent, an educator, and a lifelong Cedar City resident, I give Maile my full and heartfelt support.
Dr. Elaine Braithwaite Vickers
Natalie Beacham
My Name is Natalie Beacham. My family moved here when I was in Middle School 35 years ago. Cedar City holds my heart and is also the place to where my husband and I have chosen to also raise our family. I am very lucky to be raised in a family with a long line of Military service men. They have been an example to me to be strong, honest, hardworking and to always stand up for what I believe in. You can trace my family line back to almost every war, which makes my family to have one of the last 3 generation of veterans still alive in Cedar City, a grandpa who served in World war ll, my dad in Vietnam and my brother in Iraq. All three of them are still active in both VFW and American Legions I have heard stories of what my family has been through and what they have experienced so for me honoring our local veterans and active military men and women is very important. I also would appreciate our local officials, and business's to also respect them and to honor them. Mayor Wilson-Edwards has proven herself as such mayor. She loves and supports our Veterans, active Military and their families Mayor Wilson-Edwards has been amazing to support our Veterans. In 2015 my dad, Dennis Robison and Captain Lewis put together the first Iron County World War ll Honor Flight. They went to Mayor Wilson- Edwards for the city support. She not only represented the city as a mayor who appreciates our veterans, but she also helped out as a friend to them. This touched the veterans and some of those World War ll Veterans would only ride in the July 4th parade if she rode in the parade with them. She has gone above just being a mayor to attend ceremonies, events, meetings for the Veterans, we are lucky to have her. The military is very special to me. I have seen first-hand the support Mayor Wilson- Edwards has given to our Veterans, any military personal and family. It is my pleasure to endorse her in the upcoming Election for Mayor. She has my vote and hopefully yours.
Natalie Beacham
It is with great enthusiasm that I am recommending Maile Wilson Edwards for reelection as the mayor of Cedar City. I was first introduced to Maile through our business Rainbow Sign & Design + Decorworx, while in the process of our expansion in 2017. I am confident that she has the capabilities to continue to help Cedar City advance economically, as well as furthering the relationships that are so vital in progressing our community. One of the biggest factors driving my support of Maile is that she has expressed her commitment to advocate for the members of our community striving to grow their small businesses. As a business operator in Cedar City myself, I’m positive that Maile will not only listen to my wants and needs but do her best to turn those needs into something actionable. Maile is also an extremely forward focused individual. She had a vision for the future of Cedar City that is inclusive and supportive of every demographic. She has a passion for supporting our younger community, which is vial in a place like Cedar City where the University plays such a key role. For these reasons I wholly recommend Maile Wilson for reelection and will continue to show my support for her as a member of the Cedar City community.
Tenia Wallace
VP Rainbow Sign and Design + Decorworx
Dave Nakken
Maile Wilson Edwards has the right vision for Cedar City and will work hard to ensure our success.
Dave Nakken
Local Business Owner
Georgia Beth Thompson
I am excited to support Maile Wilson-Edward’s re-election as Cedar City’s Mayor. Maile fully utilizes her knowledge of city government and her passion for our city as she serves as our Mayor. She works closely with the city council, city staff, county and state officials on issues affecting all of us - economic growth and development, city planning, growth of the arts and recreational services and addressing major issues - such as flooding and health and safety. Maile brings a positive approach to analyzing issues and problem solving. She can lead a team and can be an involved team member - depending on the situation. I look forward to having Maile continue serving us as Cedar City Mayor!
Georgia Beth Thompson
Deidre Henderson
Over the years that I have known Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards, I have been continually impressed with her vision, work ethic, and ability to solve problems. She is deeply committed to the residents of Cedar City and listens to their input and respects their voices as she makes decisions that directly impact them. Most recently, I saw her decisive, compassionate, and tireless leadership on display during the summer floods. Mayor Wilson-Edwards is an asset to the community. She is the right leader at the right time for Cedar City.
Deidre Henderson
Lieutenant Governor of Utah
To the Voting Citizenry of Cedar City, Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards has skillfully served the community of Cedar City for the past 7 years. While being elected as one of the youngest mayors was notable, she was most notably, the first female mayor to ever serve. While I clearly fall into the category of an “Older White Male”, it has been refreshing to have the objectivity of a young, well-educated, capable woman to balance the perspective of government in our community. The Mayor has significant skills as a community uniter and has an unique ability to communicate with the public through many challenging times. During our recent unprecedented growth, she has been smart and measured in her public interactions, yet decisive as a leader. I have worked with Mayor Wilson-Edwards in several significant areas: As a principal in one of the communities leading employers I have felt gratitude for the support of the Mayor. The symbiotic benefit to business and the larger community is powerful when under consistent leadership. As a builder/developer, we have apricated Mayor Wilson-Edwards skillful guidance through the unprecedented surge of new development and construction. She has successfully balanced the needs of the consumer and those seeking to invest in the development of our city. As a member of the Cedar City Regional Airport Board, I have witnessed many positive changes led by Mayor Wilson-Edwards and her administration. The Mayor has worked with the Airport Board & Management to accomplish many significant projects and improvements. The Airport has stronger growth, higher enplanement numbers and greatly increased access which has made the Cedar City Regional Airport a significant player in the aviation community. This growth all occurred during Mayor Wilson-Edwards‘s tenure. Maybe the strongest endorsement I can give, is that she has been a steady hand and a measured voice through difficult times. My endorsement of Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards is unequivocal… I encourage all my friends and neighbors to consider the reliable leadership and measured approach of Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards.
Mark Leavitt
Vice Chairman of the Board Leavitt Group Enterprises